ShopiBOO knowledge base

Website dashboard

When entering the Webshop, there are several useful information windows on the main dashboard. The most important ones at start-up are probably the following:

ShopiBoo help

The Shopiboo help panel lists the Knowledge Base pages that contain the most important help. So, even if you get stuck in a very simple start-up procedure as an individual, you can still find the answer to your question quickly and easily.

We also try to highlight questions that may arise later on.

And of course there is a link to the Knowledge Base itself, so you don’t have to search for it 🙂

ShopiBoo Information

In the ShopiBoo Information panel, you can see the most important parameters of your webshop – which are also influenced by, for example, the subscription plan you have chosen.

For example, the amount of storage space the webshop occupies or the total number of products created in the webshop.

The “Recalculate” button can be used to retrieve the most up-to-date data at any time, although it is also updated automatically on a regular basis.

There is also a “Central Message Board” – this is where we will post important but short messages, such as any planned maintenance or development downtime, or any similar “event”.

To view the content, you need to log in. If you are not yet a ShopiBoo owner, you’ll need to register a ShopiBoo webshop first…