ShopiBOO knowledge base

How complex is the management process?

The primary concern during the creation of ShopiBoo was not only to ensure the swift initiation of the webshop but also to make its management as simple as possible!

Hence, only the functions that are essential and absolutely necessary are available in a ShopiBoo webshop…

What will I need to get started?

In order for the webshop to function perfectly for the public, the following are the only things needed (in order):

  1. Ordering a SprintShop webshop
    • If you don’t have a domain, we will purchase it for you.
    • If you already have a domain, we’ll send you instructions on what needs to be set up or adjusted for the domain.
  2. Providing basic information in the admin interface
    • Basic company information
    • Tax settings
    • Setting up delivery methods
    • Configuring payment methods (for card payment, refer to payment method settings)
  3. Managing products
    • Basic product settings (product categories, etc.)
    • Adding products
    • Configuring the webshop menu (typically displaying product categories in the menu)
  4. Legal compliance
    • Data management information
    • General terms and conditions
    • Impressum
    • Contact details

What are the routine tasks?

Your regular tasks primarily involve managing orders and tending to products. Processing incoming orders requires handling them based on the chosen payment methods: setting order statuses (which, in turn, triggers emails to the customer) – unless order processing isn’t handled by you but by a fulfillment company – in that case, the only task might be with orders paid via bank transfer: adjusting the order status once the transfer is received (as you’re the one who naturally has visibility on your bank account).

Additionally, you need to ensure whether individual products are in stock and still available for purchase. Naturally, adding new products, managing product prices (changes, promotions, etc.), and creating general or customer-specific coupons (usable only with specific email addresses) related to prices and shipping (free or discounted rates) are also part of the regular operational tasks for any online shop.

In essence, these are the standard tasks – showcasing that the launch and management of this e-commerce system are remarkably simple, requiring minimal time and expertise…