ShopiBOO knowledge base

What support can I get?

I. Knowledge Base

Our primary support is this comprehensive Knowledge Base. Here, you should find everything (hopefully) that you might need to quickly and smoothly launch and operate your ShopiBoo online store without any hitches.

II. Customer Support Ticket System

Should you not find an answer to your query or encounter a problem, you can write to us through our support ticket system. During working hours, we’ll certainly assist you. This system is generally free – until the point where you seek solutions for actual problems rather than situations where, for instance, you prefer not to read the relevant part of the Knowledge Base and expect us to explain it separately. The latter isn’t an act of reluctance on our part, but rather a sensible approach so that we can help customers facing real issues.

III. Online Assistance

There is a possibility (with limitations) to ask for online screen-sharing support. Everyone has the opportunity for this once, for a maximum of 30 minutes, exclusively for technical queries. This option is not available for marketing/tax/legal/etc. issues. Please, only request this type of assistance if you really can’t manage the situation otherwise!

IV. Subscription-Based and Fee-Based Support System

It is possible to access paid support, and there are two options available:

  1. Request hourly rate-based support related to the webshop.
  2. Subscription-based, group workshop support system.

1. Hourly rate-based support allows us to assist and answer your queries individually. In this system, we’ll offer our services based on trust, and you’ll receive an invoice depending on the time used. This will be treated as a separate order and a dedicated ordering system will be available soon.

2. The subscription system can be considered a sort of club. Here, with a nominal monthly fee, you’ll have access to constant support during regular (weekly) small-group (max. 20-30 participants) online workshops held at fixed times. With this solution, we can address not just your concerns but generally have sessions that last around 60 minutes each. Ideally, you can join every week, even if you don’t have specific queries, as long as there’s space available, allowing you to learn from others’ questions.

V. Custom Development Requests

Although ShopiBoo primarily focuses on simplicity, it’s a highly flexible system that can be easily expanded with nearly any functionality. Most additional features typically involve a one-time integration cost. Therefore, it’s possible to elevate the webshop into a ‘more serious’ online store, offering MANY MORE FEATURES.

If in the future you have specific needs that aren’t currently available within the basic services, feel free to approach us with confidence: we can almost certainly provide you with a favorable solution to address that particular issue.