ShopiBOO knowledge base

What is ShopiBoo and who is it a good solution for?

Basics and Objectives

The fundamental aim is to provide a webshop solution that can be launched RAPIDLY and VERY EASILY: apart from providing some basic data and, of course, uploading the products, not much else is really required (although you’ll need a domain name)!

In order to guarantee the fundamental goals (simplicity, quick start-up, speed, ease of use), we took one of the most popular and easiest-to-use systems (yes, WooCommerce), then further simplified it: we removed everything that is not essential for a simple, starting webshop, simplified the user interfaces, performed basic optimizations, set up the basic system operation, and took on (alongside domain registration) not only hosting but also the tasks of maintenance and operation (backups, monitoring, updates, etc.)…

We did this because for many years, we have received continuous inquiries due to the fact that the management of generally available rental webshops is too complicated for many, too difficult to set up, and too expensive for regular costs in the case of a beginner or very small webshop.

And not to mention the problem where it could cost thousands of dollars if someone else needs/wants to handle the necessary tasks to get started with the aforementioned webshops!

Who is NOT a good fit for SprintShop?

  • if you plan to start with hundreds, let alone thousands of products,
  • if you seek a completely unique design or wish to sell products with numerous variations,
  • if you need (more complex) functions tied to specific customer types,
  • if you require unique functionalities/solutions,
  • if you seek complete control and access to every part of the website,
  • if you want to freely add or remove features and options,

…then SprintShop might not be the appropriate solution for you. Even if you think about these aspects, we can provide you with a suitable alternative or offer (free) advice on which direction to take.

Who is SprintShop the PERFECT solution for?

  • If you want to quickly and easily start an online store,
  • if you have a limited number of products (typically up to 50-100),
  • if your products are not complicated (without multiple variations),
  • if you don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of currency to start,
  • if you simply want to test if managing an online store suits you,
  • if you’re seeking a simple yet cost-effective solution,
  • if you want a system that can be flexibly expanded, adjusted, and developed later on,
  • if you’re looking for a rental solution that could potentially become your property later,
  • if you want to avoid dealing with security, backups, maintenance, and monitoring, etc. etc.

The success of an online store doesn’t solely depend on its fancy, unique appearance, but rather on offering good products at good prices, accompanied by excellent service (shipping, customer support, etc.) – and all of this through a system that’s easy to use and understand!

We’ve been creating online stores for many years: both small and large. Therefore, we’re well aware from practical and experiential perspectives of what makes an online shop successful. We thoroughly understand the challenges that can arise in a small, startup online store and what might cause interruptions:

  • the complicated and time-consuming tasks preceding the launch,
  • the initial high startup costs,
  • too many unnecessary functions that are no longer helpful but rather distracting,
  • a slow system that discourages mobile shoppers,
  • strong limitations on future steps and opportunities,
  • etc.

That’s precisely why (leveraging our many years of experience in creating online stores and the client needs and problems we’ve experienced over the years), we’ve created the ShopiBoo solution, enabling anyone to start an online store REALLY EASILY and GENUINELY QUICKLY, with minimal investment and operating costs, while practically having no restrictions on future possibilities!