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What are my options for the future?

A ShopiBoo folyamatos fejlesztés alatt áll, így egyre több egyszerűen elérhető funkciót fogunk elérhetővé tenni a webáruházak számára. Ezekről a tervezett új funkció-lehetőségekről a Hírlevelünkból lehet majd rendszeres tájékoztatást kapni…

Function overview:

Blog system

Most online shops can have a very positive impact on their traffic if they have their own blog, where they can post a lot of useful articles about products and problems. Not only does this help with SEO (search engine optimisation), it also increases customer confidence and often has a positive effect on the decision to buy.

Access to the pages
We’ve made page management available, but it only makes sense if you can use the page editor (we have/will have tutorials on it). This will enable you to not only personalise pages, but even create landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

Save product price history

This feature is used to comply with a legal requirement to save prices for the last 30 days and if you price action a product, you can only discount it against the lowest price in the last 30 days.

Setting a cash on delivery fee

For COD packages, there is a fee for COD, which you can either build into your prices and not charge as a separate cost, or set a fee for the COD payment option itself. This module provides a solution to this: you can set a fixed cash on delivery fee for cash on delivery.

Delivery to parcel points

A popular delivery option is parcel delivery: not only because it is usually cheaper than a normal courier, but also because the recipient doesn’t have to wait for the courier, but can collect their parcel at the collection point when time allows.

Set up fulfilment integration

If you don’t want the hassle of assembling, packing and delivering your orders to the post office/ courier, fulfilment is the solution for you: the warehousing and packing company does all the work for you. This solution can save you a lot of time at little extra cost.

Linking product variants (variations)

If you have products that differ in only one aspect (for example: colour), you may want to combine them so that one product’s data page not only shows that there are other variations of the product, but also allows your customer to navigate to them with a single click. This type of product linking does not slow down the loading and operation of the webshop as much as a “traditional” variation product solution.

Linking to product shares (xml feed)

If you want your products to be automatically displayed on e.g. Google shop and similar sites, you can enable this.

Bank card payment

Perhaps the best payment solution is when the customer pays for their order immediately upon placing it. This eliminates the hassle of monitoring transfers, avoids additional cost-increasing factors (e.g., cash on delivery fees), and provides a higher degree of certainty that the customer will receive the product – which might be uncertain in the case of cash on delivery. What makes bank card payment even better is that it can make the operation of the online store almost entirely automatic. When a customer pays with a card, there’s no need to worry about the money arriving. If a fulfillment company handles package management, the store doesn’t need to deal with shipments. Moreover, by using online invoicing integration, invoices for paid orders can be automatically generated.

Customizing the home page of the webshop

It is possible to set up a personalized home page with predefined layouts (instead of the current simple product list). However, this makes sense only when the products and product categories are already uploaded. This can be a good solution for product-based webshops as well!

New or even entirely unique features and developments

We can add nearly any e-commerce function or development to your webshop upon request. The configuration of these features is subject to individual pricing, heavily depending on your requirements.