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Why is a rented online store beneficial?

General disadvantages of renting online shops

It’s a common belief that it’s not a good idea to rent an online shop because if you don’t like something there, you’re stuck with it and it’s hard to change – especially if you already have an established online shop.

Although most rental solutions have importing functionality, they are not usually designed (or intended) to ‘move’ your entire webshop’s data content to another, often completely different system. In most cases you can export your products – and then struggle to import them into another system. And we haven’t even mentioned data like purchase history, internal statistics (which you can’t measure with Google Analytics, for example), etc.

The other, often most challenging problem, which arises at the beginning, is when you do not start setting up your newly rented online store, because then you will find that most of these rental online stores face an unexpected problem when starting up: usually, you will be faced with cumbersome and complicated setup tasks. It’s no coincidence that most of these systems give you up to 2-3 weeks to try it out – because it takes quite a while to get everything set up. Even if we can manage it, otherwise it can cost hundreds of thousands of forints to get someone to set up and customise our new online store – which we haven’t even opened yet, but it’s been weeks and weeks and a lot of time, energy, money and nerves.

And then we’re faced with things not displaying well on our mobile phones and/or content loading very slowly. Plus a side effect that is not usually “advertised”: the scandalously bad technical test results that these rented web shops can “produce”. Although most users may not be aware of this – Google search is well aware of these bad metrics – which also have a very negative impact on the ranking of the webshop in search results.

The general advantages of renting online shops

The advantage of renting a webshop in general is undoubtedly that you can take possession of it very quickly, because you don’t have to wait for your webshop system to be programmed.

In addition, we also have access to many pre-built features, some of which can be really useful when selling. Unfortunately, most of these are only available for a very expensive monthly subscription fee – and many of them are not really needed for a small start-up webshop.

Another important advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance, updating and security of your webshop. System operators will do this for us. Just as they make sure that the servers are up and running and that our webshop is available.

Why is ShopiBoo’s online store for rent better?

The answer is very simple: the ShopiBoo online store for rent is a solution where setting up your online store really only takes a few clicks. No need to bother with complicated design settings, templates, etc. You just need to enter the basic details of your online store and sales, and then you can upload your products – or even import them in bulk – with just a few clicks.

Yes, the look and feel is the same for all online stores. But if you think about it: it’s completely irrelevant! People shop in an online store not because it looks beautiful and eye-catching, but because it is:

  • simple and transparent for the customer
  • shop quickly, without unnecessary clicks
  • clear ordering interface (shopping cart, checkout)
  • loads quickly on mobile phones (84% more people are already shopping on their mobile phones)
  • easy to use even on a small screen on a mobile phone
  • no distracting, unnecessary elements
  • etc.

ShopiBoo is the perfect and well-functioning solution for those who:

  • want to sell a small number of products in their online shop,
  • don’t want to spend weeks – or hundreds of thousands of dollars – setting up the basic setup needed to launch their online store
  • want to run their online store at low cost
  • want a simple, transparent interface
  • they want a fast-loading, easy-to-view and easy-to-use online store on a mobile phone
  • don’t want the hassle of building, maintaining, backing up and securing their own system